Worker Descriptions

Workers are really the ones who make the MBC sale a success! We always have amazing people who work very hard, and we hope to have the same for this sale.

Only consignors are allowed to sign up for work shifts.

Don’t forget those husbands! We always need some extra muscle…especially during set-up and tear-down!

Work Shifts

General: Monday – Saturday

  • During set-up, arrange clothing and other items on the racks, tables, etc.
  • During check-in, help the consignors locate the appropriate sections for them to place their items.
  • Help move tables, racks, etc. as needed as the consignors drop off their items.
  • During the sale, make sure the sale looks neat and organized by tidying up racks, tables, etc.
  • During the sale, watch for shoplifters!! Keep an eye on each exit and make sure no one leaves with un-paid merchandise.
  • During the sale, place a “Sold” sign on large merchandise and give the tag to the holding area.

Consignor Check-In: Sunday – Tuesday

  • Help check in consignors by checking their items for stains, tears, odors, worn knees, etc.
  • Put consignors’ items out on the floor in the appropriate sections to sell.

Sale Check-Out: Wednesday – Saturday

  • Carefully take the tags off of each item and quickly check to make sure the tag matches the item.
  • Guide the shoppers through the check-out line to the next available register.

Holding Area: Wednesday – Saturday

  • Gather shoppers’ items, place them in the holding area, and place a number with their items. Then give the shopper a coinciding numbered bracelet.

Post-Sale, Pick-Up and Tear Down: Saturday

  • Sort all of the unsold items by consignor number.
  • Help take down racks.
  • Fold up tables.
  • Gather unsold items and help each consignor carry those items out of the building.

Other Ways to Help

  • Help MBC make connections with any local advertising such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc.
  • Connect MBC with your moms’ group members. Note: Group must be pre-approved by MBC.
  • Put up signs in prominent locations the Wednesday before the sale (pick up signs at check-in) and then return them during pick-up on Saturday.