What to Consign

We Are All Seasons Every Sale! 

Tag These Items First:

Large, outside play: Play houses, slides, climbing gyms, sand box/tables, wagons, picnic tables, power wheels, bicycles, etc.

Large, inside play: Kitchens, doll houses, toy boxes, work benches, etc.

Toys: All ages, types, including electronics (must turn on), Legos, Bloks, Little People, Barbie, American Girl, other dolls and accessories, Fisher Price, action figures, trains, cars, trucks and almost anything your child is playing with that was made within the last five (5) years. REMINDER: All toys requiring batteries MUST contain working batters to be accepted to the sale. 

Baby equipment: Strollers, pack-n-play’s, hi-chairs, etc.

American Girl Dolls and accessories

Shoes: high quality, no scuffs, excellent condition

Sporting Goods and Camping Equipment

Specialty Wear: rain coats, costumes, dance, Holiday

Boutique and Better Brand Clothing: any size (priced right, of course!)

Authentic (with receipt attached) designer purses and diaper bags

Where can you find more to sell? Closets, spare closets, garage, basement, kitchen cupboards, toy boxes, and under the kids’ beds!

Complete List:

Outdoor and Pretend Play

**BEST SELLERS** Kitchens, work benches, toy boxes, sand boxes, picnic tables, wagons, play houses, slides, climbers, bicycles, etc. All items must be fully assembled for the sale, or a photo of the fully assembled item must be included.

Baby Gear

**BEST SELLERS**   High Chairs, exersaucers, bouncy seats, pack n play’s, activity centers, strollers, cribs (manufactured June 28, 2011 or later), car seats, etc. All car seats must be no more than 5 years old with only one owner, and have never been in a car wreck. Check for recalls at www.recalls.gov. Car seat form is required to sell a car seat at check in or found in documents. Bumbos must have the safety belt. All items must be fully assembled for the sale, or a photo of the fully assembled item must be included.


Fisher Price, American Girl, Lego, Pokemon, Little People and super hero, trains, cars, trucks and TONS MORE. All electronics must turn on. REMINDER: All toys requiring batteries MUST contain working batteries to be accepted for the sale. Battery powered toys that do not contain working batteries will be sent home with the consignor.

Games and Puzzles

Wooden peg, floor puzzles, board games, card games, etc. All parts and pieces must be present. Please don’t tape the boxes closed so our intake coordinators can double check. 

Kids Room Decor

Kids room picture frames, wall art, lamps, dining sets, end tables, chairs, hutch, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture


All ages, all sizes, all seasons. (NO play shoes. No obvious scuffs, dirt or wear. Clean out Velcro straps so no fuzz.) Children’s shoes in the best condition, including sandals, dance shoes, snow boots, ball cleats, etc. We will only take new or nearly new tennis shoes.

Purses and Diaper Bags

Clean it up! Zip tie to a hanger. Designer? Attach a receipt!

Baby and Toddler Needs

Wraps, carriers, feeding, nursing pillow, monitors, maternity aides, cloth diapers, guardrails, hats/mittens

Bath and Swim

Bath tubs, towels, swimsuits, floaties, goggles

School and Travel

Backpacks, suitcases, bookbags

Sporting Equipment and Bikes

Bats, golf clubs, baseball gloves, skateboards, skates, hockey sticks, helmets, etc. Bikes of all sizes. 


Wii, Xbox, PS4, Leap Frog, DS


Bundle similar level books together. Homeschool curriculum and educational books, too! Books must be in like-new condition, with no writing or missing pages.


Scrapbooking albums, cases, paper cutters, kid-themed picture frames, character cake pans


Mattresses, mattress cover, nursery bedding sets including crib bumper pads, crib comforters, crib skirts, matching mobile, matching curtains, etc., twin comforter sets including quilts, sheets, dust ruffles, blankets, sleeping bags


All seasons all the time! MBC looks for the highest quality items. Name brand items sell best, however, high quality items sell EXTREMELY well. No matter what the brand, the quality is the most important! Clothing sets should be the same size AND brand unless otherwise indicated on the tag. Clothing should be made within the last 5 years, and “vintage” clothing will not be accepted. 

Preemie – Size 3x

Selling Success for Clothing

  • Tag your BEST. Shoppers decide what they’ll buy
  • Price it like you’d buy it
  • NO stains, smells, hair, tears. It must be fresh, clean and current (less then 5 years of age). No “vintage” clothing.
  • Leave “play clothes” for a friend
  • Double check for stains in GOOD lighting
  • Bundle multiple pieces together and sell as one item

Quality- Bring Your BEST!

We have high quality, very organized events. Please do not bring items that are stained, worn out, out of date, smoky, musty or showing animal hair. Mama’s won’t buy them!

$2 Minimum

  • Pricing starts at $2.00 with pricing increases in $0.50 increments. No odd pricing. If your item cannot bring $2.00 on it’s own, either bundle it with another item or donate it.
  • How to Bundle? Small items like socks, hats, binkies, bibs, etc can be pinned onto, and sold with, an outfit. Book bundles need to be of the same reading level, and can be sold as one item by wrapping the books in saran wrap or putting them in freezer bag. The minimum value must be $2.00.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Tagging & Pricing Your Items page for more information.

Working Order

  • Customers come back because of our high quality items!
  • Making sure all electronics work, pieces are present, and everything is in good working order is imperative. If it doesn’t turn on, doesn’t work or is missing important pieces, please do not bring it!

[box] Unsure?? Just ask! Once you’ve registered as a consignor, join our Consignor Only Facebook Group HERE to ask all those uncertain questions. We are here to help! [/box]

Items We Can’t Accept

Experience tells us these don’t sell well or are illegal to sell. Remember: Tag your best!

Recalled? Damaged? Risk?

  • Especially baby gear, make sure it isn’t recalled by checking We Make It Safer or CPSC.
  • Broken? Missing pieces important to using the item? Skip it.
  • Expired car seats (older than 5 years), car seats that have had multiple owners, or have been in a wreck.
  • Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011.
  • Bumbos without the safety belt.

Stained, Scuffed, Hairy, Worn Out, Old

  • Triple check for stains! (Mama’s don’t want stained stuff)
  • Is it worn out? Out-dated? Scuffed, smelly or smoky? Didn’t get clean in the wash? Skip it.
  • Pet hair? Clean it up or skip it.
  • “Vintage” baby clothes or bedding, including but not limited to, items older than 5 years old.
  • Play shoes with obvious scuffs, dirt or wear
  • Items intentionally brought for the Dollar Rack
  • Clothing not meeting MBC standards can be donated.  These items may not be perfect for the MBC sale, but they still make great play clothes!

Adult Themed and Media

  • Adult books
  • Adult themed books
  • Any adult themed VHS or DVD
  • Any adult themed CD

Stuffed Stuff

  • “Stuffed toys” must DO something or be a character or a Build a Bear. No random stuffed animals.
  • We cannot accept anything with fiber fill in a bag. Safety pin or zip tie fiber fill items as we take care of sanitizing it for you with SteriFab.

Misc Not Accepted

  • Single use breast pumps or used breast pump parts.
  • Used nipples, pacifiers, rubber coated cups/utensils, etc
  • Undergarments such as underwear and panties (except for socks in great condition or new items in original packaging)
  • Opened cardboard box puzzles (unless LARGE pieces that are countable)
  • Appliances, computers, printers, office items, etc.
  • Electronics that won’t turn on. Battery powered toys that do not contain working batteries will be sent home with the consignor.
  • Custom/Homemade Items – Please respect our vendors and do not sell items you make.  For example, hair bows, tutus, blankets, etc.  It is okay to bring one or two of these items, but please do not bring more or they will be left in your tub.  Please sign up to be a vendor if you would like to bring additional items.
  • Please check ALL items to make sure they are not recalled (www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html).  Pay special attention to car seats and cribs.  (Note: If you would like to sell a car set, please print off a Car Seat Safety Checklist, fill it out, and attach to the car seat.)  **Do you have an expired car seat?  MBC no longer recycles expired car seats, but we watch for local opportunities and will post on Facebook.

[box]Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details: