Tagging & Pricing Your Items

We use to a web-based program, My Sale Manager (MSM), for tagging.  All items need to be entered into MSM. No hand written tags will be accepted. See below of tricks and tips for inputting your items easy, breezy!

Avoid a $5 “Small Safety Pin” Fee:
Use only large or medium safety pins to attach your tags to items.  The small and tiny pins are VERY difficult to remove during check-out.  The picture below is a helpful guide to pin size.

Don’t forget…Please color code your tags.  Details, including easy ways to color code your tags, can be found HERE.

Pricing Your Items:
You, the consignor, are responsible for setting the price for your items. We recommend about 25%-30% of the original retail price if your item is in excellent condition. Please price your items in $.50 increments, with a minimum of $2.00. If your item cannot bring $2.00 on its own, it probably isn’t the right item for the MBC sale. Remember, we only want the best of the best! Not sure how to price your items? Use the following tips.

  • Remember you are “in competition” with all the other consignors to sell items. Keep your prices “competitive”.
  • What would YOU pay for that item?
  • What brand is your item? Name brands normally sell for a higher price than store brands. Boutique items sell for a higher price than name brands.
  • Is the item NWT (New With Tags)?
  • What is included with the item?
  • What are similar items going for on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc?
  • Remember that this sale can be a blessing for many families in the community who are living on a tight budget.
  • Large items: If you have any items that you are selling for $30 or more and don’t want to sell them for 50% off on Saturday, but would like to reduce the price, you have the opportunity to re-tag your items. All re-tagging must be done on Friday from 4:00-5:00 pm. Please do the following when you arrive on Friday to re-tag…
    • Locate your items to re-tag and bring them to the re-tagging table (if possible!).
    • Work with Chenay to edit the tag. 
    • Return you re-tagged items to the appropriate area.
  • We are very strict regarding the quality of merchandise on the MBC racks and tables. If a shopper comes to the Half Price Sale, we want the same quality of merchandise to be on the racks as when the sale started. Remember, if you wouldn’t buy an item, most likely no one else will either!

[box] Check out this great resource for pricing clothing items: Pricing Guide [/box]

Pinning Your Items/Placement:

  • It is recommended for items on hangers (clothing, blankets, costumes, etc.), to use safety pins to secure clothing to the hanger. This keeps your items from falling off the hanger. See below for picture examples. 
  • For two piece outfits/sets, put the safety pin through all pieces and secure it to the hanger. Do not secure the second piece to the first piece as items can tier or leave holes. 
  • For outfits with several pieces, do not assemble the outfit, pin them on the hanger together individually.
  • Remember, the hanger should look like a question mark. ?

Below are some examples of proper safety pin placement. (Note: The pictures are from previous sales.)

Tag Placement:

  • For items on hangers (clothing, blankets, costumes, etc.), place your tag on the top right side of the item.  This allows shoppers to easily see each tag as they look through hanging items.  Attach the tag using a medium or large safety pin (see picture above) by going to the top center of the tag ONE time vertically, through the item.
  • All non-hanging items…use your best judgement.  Place the tag so that it does not cover up anything the shopper might want to see.  Do not put tape on item stickers, painted items, etc.  Use clear packing tape to go over the tag ONCE.  Feel free to use ribbon, safety pins, etc. to attach tags to items that will not hold tape.

Below are some examples of tag placement.  (Note: The pictures are from previous sales.)

2 piece outfit properly prepared

[box]Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details: