Steps to Consign

Registration is closed.

Step 1a– Register as a Consignor.

(Closed)   If you have consigned with MBC in the last 5 years, please click on “Returning Consignor”.  (The first time you use MSM, you will enter your consignor number and the last 4 digits of your phone number.   This could be your cell or home phone, whatever was listed first with our previous system.   If those don’t work, use “nown” as your password.)  If you have had more than one consignor number, only your “main” number is registered.  Please contact Joanna to register your second number (


Everyone else will click on “New Consignor”.

After confirming your information, you’ll pay your $15 Consignor Fee via Paypal.


Step 1b–

Consignor Homepage 

After paying, log into your Consignor Homepage to view your contact info, inventory status, worker shifts, drop-off (check-in) and pick up appointments.  Additional information is available during the sale and after regarding estimated earnings and reports. (Note: You can change your password in the drop-down Activities Menu.)

Step 1c– Join the consignor specific text and Facebook groups.

After you register to consign, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep this email! There are several important links included in the email:
* Link for Remind texts.  When there are important updates/details, I will send out an email and notify you via text regarding the email. During the sale, the texts are a quick way for me to communicate with all consignors.
* Link for our Consignor Facebook page. This is so helpful, especially for first time consignors! I’ve included “Units” to walk you thru the consignment process.  It is also a great place for consignors to ask questions and get quick answers from veteran consignors.
***After you receive your confirmation email, immediately join both groups. Consignors who are linked in are better prepared and have all the up-to-date information.

Step 2 – Register for a Check-In/Drop-Off slot.

This appointment will show up on your Consignor Homepage for reference.  More information regarding Check-In/Drop-off can be found HERE.

Step 3 –  Register for a Pick-Up time

Please arrive within your block of time and help us keep pick-up moving quickly.  This appointment will show up on your Consignor Homepage for reference.  More information regarding Pick-Up can be found HERE.
To help with traffic flow, please wait until your time slot to park IN THE BACK PARKING LOT.  You may park in the front parking lot at any time and walk to the back doors to enter.  PLEASE ENTER DURING YOUR TIME SLOT ONLY.

Step 4 – Register for Worker shifts

Worker Shifts
Earn Pre-Sale Passes.  All of the worker shifts are located within MSM.  PLEASE consider working at least a few hours of your time.  Your shifts will show up on your Consignor Homepage for reference.  More information about Work Shifts can be found HERE.

Step 5 – Organize

Having your items sorted and ready for tagging will make data entry much quicker!  MSM has drop-down boxes for Category and Size (more info below).  It will “remember” these two boxes after you submit an item.  Please reference Preparing Your Items for more details, including pictures/examples.

Step 6 – Item Entry & Tag Printing

Items & Tags 
Deadline for entering items is 7:00am on the Monday of sale week!  Using My Sale Manager (MSM), you will be able to quickly enter your items following our What To Consign guidelines.  My Sale Manager allows you to manage the items you are selling and make changes as necessary. You can change your price, category, description, and whether or not you are discounting or donating, up until you print a tag. Once you print a tag, if you make changes to an item online, you MUST print a new tag as the bar code will be different.  Tags will print 10 to a page.  Click HERE to see examples of barcodes.

Tags must also be COLOR CODED based on your consignor number.  Click HERE for more details.

For each item, your tag will include:

  • Category – Be sure to include the appropriate category for your item so our volunteers can prepare the sale floor.  Click HERE for a list of the categories.
  • Size – Choose the appropriate size of your item, if applicable. Note you can only use numbers and no “S”, “M”, “L”, etc.  If you don’t know the size, hold the item up to other similar items and use your best judgement.
  • Description – Use these two lines for Brand and a detailed description. This is especially useful for us matching found tags to the appropriate item.  If these were found tags, which one would more likely be matched with it’s item?

Example 1:          Gap NWT
LS pink shirt with white flowers
Gap shirt

Example 2:          Graco blue & white
pack & play with carrying bag

  • Price – Minimum $2.00, increments of $.50.
  • Quantity – Generally you will have only 1 of an item, but if you have multiple items that are exactly the same, adjust the quantity.
  • Discount/No Discount – Do you want the item to go for Half Price if it hasn’t sold by Saturday?
  • Donate/No Donate – Do you want to donate un-sold items?  (If you mark Donate, you should also allow the item to go half price!)