What’s New

New for 2021:
New owner, but still the same great MBC sale!  Meet Chenay Sloan and her family HERE.

Tagging Service – We have simplified the Tagging Service options. There is only one level now.  Consignors will earn 40% and have a small fee deducted from their profit check for supplies.  Click HERE for more details.

COVID Precautions – Click HERE for the steps we are taking to keep you safe.

New for 2020:
Consignor retaining percentage is now set at 65%. This is to help cover the cost of paying workers (since we are unable to utilize volunteers/donations due to legislative changes).

* I have set MSM to automatically mark inventory as “discount/reduce” if you select an item to donate. Every sale we have multiple consignors who are donating items forget to allow these items to sell for half price. This decision/action will be done for you.

Implemented in 2019:
The only exception for our Pre-Sale policy regarding no children under 6 is we now are allowing infants in slings (no strollers).  This is to help accommodate nursing/feeding schedules.

We will be extremely selective on the toys we accept this Holiday Sale.  Do NOT bring infant grab bags (they do not sell).  Older grab bags need to be like/themed items. All toys and games must be in like new condition.

MSM item entry will close at 7:00am on the Monday of sale week.

We will no longer do Silent Auction items on Saturday.  Higher priced items will be priced as marked.

Pre-Sale times have changed!  The schedule is posted HERE, but more information is coming soon.

ALL items must be entered into My Sale Manager.  We will no longer accept handwritten or non-MSM tags.  Click HERE for more details.

To help cover the increasing costs of running the sale and lack of volunteers, the consignor fee is now $15.

We are no longer offering the Early Pick-Up option on Saturday.

A $5 fee will be assessed to consignors who use tiny/small pins.  Use this picture as a reference. (After 11 years of volunteers getting sore fingers from small safety pins on tags, a “consequence” was needed.)

We’ve compiled a list of COMMON MISTAKES consignors make when preparing and tagging their items.  Look over our “No-No List” to help you properly prepare for the sale.

Have an instrument you would like to sell?  Please scroll through the page Preparing Your Items to the bottom, just above the pictures for specific instructions.

Implemented @ Back-to-School Sale 2018

MBC has switched to a new sale management/tagging program, My Sale Manager (MSM).  My dad, Richard, is officially retiring the TagIt program and we can’t thank him enough for all his efforts (and patience) over the last 11 years!  We are confident that everyone will love MSM and are excited to see how it can improve our sale.

As with any major change, there will be some challenges as we adjust and learn.  I appreciate everyone’s understanding and willingness to make the transition as smooth as possible.  There are too many changes (What’s New items) to list at this point.  However, I will update this page as any rules/policies are changed.

Consignors will now sign up for a pick-up slot on Saturday for un-sold items. Click HERE for more details.

Our Tagging Service policies have changed slightly.  Click HERE for more details.

We will be implementing an option for non-consignors to volunteer on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of the sale and earn Wednesday night Pre-Sale passes. Click HERE for more details!

Bedding and linens for twin size mattresses or larger must be complete sets.  We will no longer accept individual linens (i.e. flat sheet only) as they do not sell.

All tags must indicate the information shown with a red arrow in the following picture. (We are no longer using the star/no-star for discounting.)  Items will need to be entered into MSM.

MBC made the following adjustments the last few sales:

No Maternity – Due to the lack of sold maternity items and the need for additional clothing space, we will no longer sell maternity clothing.  However, we will still accept nursing bras, maternity belts (support belts), etc.

Item Limits – 300 total items.  You can decide what you’d like to consign, as long as you are within the following limits:
*  up to 125 hanging clothing items (counted per hanger).  Don’t forget, only 50 items per gender for sizes between preemie – 24months/2T.
*  up to 10 pairs of shoes per gender

Color Coded Tags – (started Holiday 2017) To make sorting of un-sold items easier and more efficient, we have implemented a color coding system based on consignor number.  Please read more details HERE.

No Re-Stock – Due to the limited amount of volunteers available for both Thursday evening and Saturday “sort & tear-down”, we will no longer have Re-Stock Thursday evening.

Tagging Service – We have updated our Tagging Service policies and fees.

Designated Charities – MBC will now designate different charities each sale to receive donations.  Please visit HERE for more information.

Pre-Sale Age Restrictions – We are lowering the minimum age requirement from 8 to 6 years old to allow families to bring their “picky kids” to help shop.  All other Pre-Sale rules apply…ages 6 and up must have THEIR OWN pass.

* Reminder:  MBC has always been an “all-seasons” consignment sale.

* Reminder:  The consignor agrees not to consign items under their consignor number on behalf of another individual.   Please respect MBC and this policy so consignors are able to take advantage of increased retaining percentages.

* (Optional) We have created a form you can print and fill out for your $20 or more items.  Check-in will be quicker if you bring this with you.

* Speaking of forms, check out the Documents page where you can easily access most MBC documents.  Let us know if you would like some thing specific added to this page!

* Reminder:  MBC follows recommendations by the FDA and La Leche League when it comes to selling breast pumps.  Unless a pump is NEW (in original packaging) or an approved “closed system”, MBC will not accept breastpumps.  Please read the following web pages for more information:  FDA; La Leche League.

* Dollar Rack – Please do not intentionally bring items for the Dollar Rack. MBC would like to maintain our standards for quality items. The Dollar Rack is a courtesy option for items with minor imperfections. Excessive amounts of items not meeting MBC standards will be placed in the consignor’s tub.

* More Space! – We are renting the smaller Maize Rec multi-purpose room connected to the “back” of the large room!  Larger items such as strollers, highchairs, furniture, etc. will be displayed in the additional 1,800 sf room.

* Increased Clothing Limits – With the additional space, we have increased our clothing limits.  Consignors may now bring 125 total hanging items.  For sizes preemie to 24 months/2T, consignors are allowed 50 clothing items per gender. Have more than 50 items? Try combining like items (i.e. 2 tank tops, 2 onesies, 2 pairs of pants, etc.) or make sets. Gender neutral does not count within the “50 under 2T” rule.

No Checks: MBC will no longer accept checks.  We will, however, continue to accept cash and major credit cards with a valid I.D.

Sealed Clothing Bags:  Consignors are asked to NOT tape/seal their baggies that contain clothing.  This will allow MBC staff to inspect all items before sealing bags and placing them on the sale floor.

Consignor Fee: $15 (Sept. 2018) must be paid at the time of registration and is non-refundable.  Since registration is limited to 200, we hope the up-front fee will eliminate no-show’s and allow the serious consignor an opportunity to consign.

Custom/Homemade Items – Please respect our vendors and do not sell items you make. For example, hair bows, tutus, blankets, etc. It is okay to bring one or two of these items, but please do not bring more or they will be left in your tub. Please sign up to be a vendor if you would like to bring additional items.

De-tagging process during the sale:  In order to speed up the de-tagging lines and give more time for volunteers to check tags/items, MBC will no longer take clothing off hangers.

*  MBC will record all consignor items marked for $20 or higher at consignor check-in.  (Previously the limit was $30 or higher.)

*  To help volunteers match tags with items, MBC would like all consignors to add more specific information when filling out the “Item Description” section on their tag.

*  MBC will no longer sell single-user breastpumps due to health regulations.  For more information, please read articles from the FDA and the La Leche League