One Week Left reminders

(Email sent to all consignors March 28, 2018)

With only a few days to go until the MBC Sale, I’d like to touch base with you and share several reminders.  Sorry the email is so long, but I WOULD APPRECIATE YOU TAKING THE TIME TO READ IT COMPLETELY, even if you have done the sale before.  IMPORTANT INFO RE: YOUR ADDRESS/CHECKS INCLUDED.
*  My cell phone will be the best way to contact me starting Saturday, March 31.  Please use email if your question can wait until I check email in the evening.  When leaving messages, be sure to include your name, consignor #, and a phone # to reach you.  FYI- I am quicker to respond to text messages.

* If you have a Facebook account, PLEASE be sure to “like” the MBC Sale page AND share posts!  I’ve created an event where you can RSVP (going!!!) and share.  I will be giving away Gift Certificates, so spread the word!

* If you are using the Tagging Service (one of our “professionals” is preparing/tagging your items), don’t forget you are responsible for picking up your Pre-Sale and Half Price passes during regular check-in days/times.

*PANTS – During recent sales, consignors have had to re-pin pants (or other “bottoms”) before we accept their items.  PLEASE make sure that you follow all the instructions on-line.  No matter what, pin THRU the waist (so thru front & back) and secure safety pin around top of hanger.  Check to make sure the pins are not too far apart…we don’t want them slipping to the bottom of the hanger causing the bottoms to bunch up.  (They are harder to see when shoppers are looking thru the racks.)  DO NOT pin bottoms to the bottom seam of tops!!!

* We are strict about “stuffed animals”! As a general rule, we won’t accept them.  However, we will make exceptions if you have a licensed character that is in great shape, “does something” like dance, talk, etc.

*  You should have already received a confirmation email containing your consignor ID#, as well as information on downloading TagIt Lite.  Please let me know if you did NOT receive the confirmation email (be sure to check your SPAM folder) and I will send you the information ASAP.

*  ALL TAGS MUST BE COLOR CODED!  There are multiple options (cardstock, highlighter, stickers, etc).  If you forget to color code your tags, you will need to stay at check-in and highlight EACH tag.  All the details can be found at

* I am out of safety pins, but have some hangers and cardstock left.  You can pick them up at your convenience from my house.  Everything is on the porch and there is a clipboard for you to record what you take (honor system!).  I will deduct your total from your profit check. (Directions to my house are at the bottom of this email.)  What I have left is on the porch.

*  There are volunteer spots still open.  I AM NOT AFRAID TO BEG.  So, if you want to avoid my begging at check-in, please sign up ASAP.  Volunteers help make the sale a success (as well as earn Volunteer Pre-Sale Passes and higher retaining percentages)!  The on-line registration links can be found at  You’ll create a username & password which will be used for a check-in time, too.  IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP, BUT NOT WITHIN THE SPECIFIED TIME SLOTS, let me know.  I will work with you.

*  There are numerous slots with only one or two volunteers.  PLEASE help if you can.  If childcare is a problem, maybe find a friend who is willing to swap times watching kids and volunteering at sale.  WE NEED YOU!

*  If you haven’t done so already, please sign-up for a check-in time at (scroll to the bottom of the screen).  Note:  You can also indicate on-line if you are coming for large item drop-off (an OPTIONAL drop-off time on Sunday, April 1 between 7-8PM) and/or early pick-up (Saturday, April 7, 3-4p).  Be sure to read all the helpful tips and reminders for checking-in your items.

* Attached is a form you can use to record your $20 or more items.  This will save you time during check-in!  We’ll attach it to your check-in card and double check all items.  Note:  You will record your original asking price AND the lowest price you would take on Saturday if it hasn’t sold.  For example, a $50 dresser you already will let go half-off ($25), but would go to $20 worst case.  You’ll enter “$20” in “Lowest” column.  If you won’t go below half price, you would enter “$25”.  If you want the price to stay, you’ll put $50.

*  There are a few openings for services (i.e. putting up signs).  If you signed up to bring donations on Sunday (April 1), please bring them to the MRC between 2-8pm.  All other donations can be brought during your check-in time.  (If you have donations for different days, just bring them on Sunday OR your check-in time…don’t make multiple trips!)

*  All donations, services, and volunteer hours must be recorded on your Point Card (you will fill one out at check-in).  I can only track your points if you record them.

*  Have your items sorted by gender and then size when you come to check-in.  Putting rubber bands (no ribbon please) around groups of hangers makes for easier transport.  Do NOT seal baggies with clothing items…we’ll seal them after inspection.  DO seal baggies containing non-clothing items (i.e. toys).  Leave a tub clearly marked with your consignor number at check-in to help with post-sale sorting (no lids, please).  Please do not leave check-in until a volunteer indicates you are done.

*  If you use TagIt, be sure to update your version from the website  Locate the updates on the “Downloads” page.  If you would like to use TagIt Lite again, be sure to get the updated version using the information in your confirmation email.  All TagIt/Lite users need to download the newest MBC Sale Profile at  (To receive a 20% discount on TagIt, remember to enter MBCKS5!)

*  Pricing…What would YOU pay for an item?  Use this question as your guide to pricing your items.  I highly encourage you to mark your items to be half-price on Saturday.  The majority of items that sell on Saturday will be half-price items.  (Plus, you are in “competition” with the other 150 consignors to sell YOUR items!)

*  Tagging:  Please remember these tips:  NO small safety pins; pin tags one time to clothing, no tape; make sure tags are on the outside of bags; try not to put tape over items with stickers as they will rip off during de-tagging; tape only once over tag so we can remove it easily; NO cut or torn tags if you have changed your mind about allowing items to go half-price; put a star on your tag if you want the item to STAY full price.  The star can be any color.  If you use TagIt/Lite, your tags will be formatted and barcoded correctly.

*  Barcode note:  Be sure the barcode has individual vertical lines that are not blurred together, otherwise they will not scan.

*  Test print at least 8 tags ASAP if using TagIt or TIL.  If you are using the Excel Spreadsheet, it is beneficial to test the process by sending me at least 8 items ASAP.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST FEW DAYS BEFORE THE SALE!!!  Next week it will be harder for me to convert your tags in a timely manner.  (Richard will be quicker to reply to questions/problems with TagIt/TagItLite, so email him:

*  Please make sure clothing sizes are numerical.

*  If you have any extra grocery sacks, please bring them with you to check-in.  They can be recycled and used at check-out for all those items the customers will be purchasing.

* We will NOT be taking expired carseats for recycling this sale.

*  And finally, please make sure your contact information is correct.  (If not, I can’t mail your check or contact you during the sale.)

(You’ll see your full name, address, and phone #’s here)

Please let me know if you have ANY questions.  My contact information is listed below.  Happy tagging!

Joanna Parks
(316) 461-2485  (cell; feel free to text as long as you include your name & consignor #)

Directions to my house:  (9954 W Westlakes Ct, Wichita, 67205)  From Maize Rd, turn east into the Fox Ridge edition  (onto Westlakes Parkway; just north of Sam’s Club/29th St N).  Take your third left; vear left when the road splits.  There is a “sunken” fire hydrant in front of my house.  Items will be on the porch.