Need Volunteers!

(Email sent March 25, 2018.)

Good morning! There is one week until we start setting up the sale. Looking over the Volunteer Schedule, I will need to make several changes if slots don’t fill up. The first change will be to Saturday Pick-Up. Most likely we will have a few hours on Saturday for consignors to find their own items and check-out with a staff member. Here is how we can avoid this…

* Sign up to volunteer! I am going to “freeze” the Saturday slots after the sale closes. We need to fill up volunteer spots when the sale is open to the Public FIRST. So, PLEASE sign up for at least one shift Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday (morning thru 2:30pm).

* I understand everyone is busy and not everyone enjoys working at the sale. However, we have “survived” 10 years with everyone pitching in. When we work together, I have been able to give higher retaining percentages. If I need to hire workers, then I have to reduce retaining percentages. (Those who know me well understand I personally make just enough to make it from sale to sale, barely. The sale is more of a labor of love to help the community than it is to “pad my pockets”, LOL!)

* So that everyone can make appropriate arrangements, no final decisions will be made until Tuesday morning. So, you have about 48 hours to sign up to volunteer.

Thank you SOOOO much for your understanding and willingness to help. As always, please LMK if you have any questions. ((Also, if you can volunteer but not within the specific time slots, LMK and I will adjust the schedule for you))