More MBC Sales

Play-Clothes for Charity

As a mom myself, I understand that not all clothing and shoes are in the best condition and some stains just can’t be removed. These may not be perfect for the MBC sale, but they still make great play clothes! At the MBC sale, you will have the opportunity to donate this type of clothing and shoes. The items will be collected at either the consignor check-in or pick-up and kept for the Charity Sale. Please bring your donated items separated by gender. Thanks! 100% of the proceeds from these sales will go to LAMP. Items not sold will be donated to families in need. Note: Please bring donations that are in good condition. MBC will discard items not acceptable for charity. Click here to learn more about Play-Clothes for Charity.

Fashion Exchange

Why should all the consignment fun be limited to the kiddos? The Fashion Exchange is dedicated to Women (sizes Junior through Plus) and Men (sizes Young Men through Big & Tall)…and your home. What a great way to clean out YOUR closets, make some money, and score some great deals! Click Here to learn more about the Fashion Exchange.