Item Entry & Tag Printing

Items & Tags(Click here to enter your items into MSM.)

Deadline for entering items is 8:00 pm on the Monday of sale week!  Using My Sale Manager (MSM), you will be able to quickly enter your items following our What To Consign guidelines.  My Sale Manager allows you to manage the items you are selling and make changes as necessary. You can change your price, category, description, and whether or not you are discounting or donating, up until you print a tag. Once you print a tag, if you make changes to an item online, you MUST print a new tag as the bar code will be different. Changes and reprinting of tags can be done until the 5 pm Monday deadline to item entry.  

For each item, your tag will include:

  • Category – Be sure to include the appropriate category for your item so our volunteers can prepare the sale floor.  There is a drop-down menu of options.
  • Size – Choose the appropriate size of your item, if applicable. Note you can only use numbers and no “S”, “M”, etc.  If you don’t know the size, hold the item up to other similar items and use your best judgement.  There is a drop-down menu of options.
  • Description – Use these two lines for Brand and a detailed description. This is especially useful for us matching found tags to the appropriate item.  If these were found tags, which one would more likely be matched with it’s item?
    • Gap NWT
      LS pink shirt with white flowers
    • Gap shirt
      – – – – – – – – – – –
    • Graco blue & white
      pack & play with carrying bag
    • Playpen
  • Price – Minimum $2.00, increments of $.50.
  • Quantity – Generally you will have only 1 of an item, but if you have multiple items that are exactly the same, adjust the quantity.
  • Reduce/No Reduce – Do you want the item to go for Half Price if it hasn’t sold by Saturday?
  • Donate/No Donate – Do you want to donate un-sold items?

[box] Clothing Limits

Items are counted at check in! Please follow the limits!

  • Up to 300 items total
  • Up to 10 pairs of shoes per gender
  • Up to 125 hanging clothing items
  • Up to 50 items per gender (sizes preemie-24m/2T) within your 125 hanging clothing items

If limits are met, MBC consignors can choose to purchase a second consignor number (to double the limits).[/box] 

MySale Manager Voice To Text Feature- It’s Easy Breezy!

Did you know that MSM has a voice to text item entry feature? If you are on your phone, log into your MSM account, go to Add Items, and on the drop down, select Mobile Voice Entry, then begin the voice to text feature.

Please click on the instructions if it’s your first time. There is a method to the madness and you have to say things in a certain order.

Here’s the instructions: 

  • To most efficiently use this feature, begin by ordering the items you are going to enter by category and size.
  • You will choose category and size from the drop-down lists. The system will remember the category and size from the last item and keep them set until you change them.
  • When you are ready to begin dictating your item, make sure the cursor is in the “Dictate Your Item Here” field.
  • Bring up the keyboard on your mobile device and click the microphone button and begin dictating your item. Click the “stop recording” or “done” button in the microphone control when you are finished speaking.
  • The words you spoke will be shown in the “Dictate Your Item Here” box. Review it for accuracy. If it is inaccurate, you can click the “Start Over” button to clear what you dictated and try again.
  • If the translation is accurate click the “Submit Item” button and your item will be saved.

PLEASE NOTE: The order in which you speak the details of an item is very important.

  • Begin with the item description (only the first 48 characters you speak will be used)
  • Next say the word “price,” give the price you want your item sold for, then say the word “dollar” or “dollars” afterward (ie “price eight dollars”)
  • Then state either “discount” or “no discount” to indicate whether you want your item discounted to half price on Saturday
  • Then state either “donate” or “no donate” to indicate whether you want your item donated at the end of the sale or not
  • That’s it! Then begin over with the next item.

An example, a pair of Old Navy Denim Shorts, priced at $4 that is discountable but not donatable would be spoken like this…”Old Navy Denim Shorts price five dollars discount no donate”

Think about what you are going to say BEFORE you start speaking. If you pause for very long while speaking the system will think you are done and stop recording your voice.


[box]Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details:


Barcode Printing