Final Sales Report & Checks

Email sent Monday, April 9.

Thank you for participating in our Spring Sale! Everything ran very smoothly. I worked very hard to get everything wrapped up quickly. PLEASE read this entire email AND your attachment.

Note options for getting checks at end of this email, but keep reading!!!!! Please LMK if you accidentally came home with some one else’s items.

PLEASE look over your attachment closely! There will be several notes under your “summary box”.

Some things to check…
* If you did the Tagging Service – check your “level”, %, points, fees, etc. I believe I credited you back for your consignor fee.
* Did you get any supplies? Did I charge you correctly??
* Don’t forget your first 2 pts go toward shopping early at Pre-Sale.

I haven’t drawn for our TagIt or Volunteer winners yet. I’m trying to get final reports to you ASAP since I have a dental appt Tuesday morning and soccer Tuesday evening.

<<I will print checks after 4pm! PLEASE look over your report (attachment) completely, including the notes at the top. Email me ASAP with any questions. Be sure to continue reading below! I am human and WILL make mistakes. Please LMK if you have any questions or if I missed anything.>>

******Here are your sale results. If you earned points, please remember that THE FIRST TWO POINTS go toward earning a Volunteer Pre-Sale pass. Then, each point counts as a percentage point up to the maximum 80%. For example, 12 pts = 80%. I believe I remembered to give everyone who worked the Pre-Sale shift (6-9pm) and the Saturday shifts (2:30-5:30p or 3:30-6:30p/hubby) a bonus point.

For additional details regarding the summary, please look at the top of your attached Sales Report. You will also find more detailed information regarding “adjustments”. If you have sent me an email or text recently regarding missing or found items, please look over your FINAL sales report and contact me again (email is best).

Consignor ID: [C_ConsignorID]
Number of sold items: [I_NumberSoldItems]
Total price of sold items: [I_TotalSalePrice]
Percentage retained by consignor: [C_RetainPerc]
Retained amount of sold items: [I_RetainedAmt]
Less any adjustments: [I_Adjustments] (SEE ATTACHMENT)
Amount due consignor: [I_Payment]

All checks will be mailed Wednesday. If you would like to pick up your check during one of the following times, PLEASE text me when you are on your way with your name & consignor # (316-461-2485). Directions to my house are at the end of this email.

Monday (today!) – betw. 7-8pm
Tuesday (tomorrow) – betw. 7:15-9am

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a consignor!

Joanna Parks
MBC Sale
(316) 461-2485

Here are directions:
(9954 W Westlakes Ct, Wichita, 67205): From Maize Rd, turn east into the Fox Ridge edition (onto Westlakes Parkway; just north of Sam’s Club/29th St N). Take your third left; vear left when the road splits. There is a “sunken” fire hydrant in front of my house.