Excel Tagging


  • Download and save the Excel Spreadsheet to your computer. (We recommend saving the file on your desktop with your last name and consignor number as the file name. Example: “Parks1234”.)
  • Open the spreadsheet and fill in your contact information.
  • Enter each of your items into the spreadsheet. Don’t forget to save your file often! Be sure to enter a “yes” in the corresponding column for any item you want discounted and/or donated.
  • When you have a batch of items entered, send the file as an attachment to joanna@mbcsale.com. Be sure to include what item number you’d like to start with. This is very important for consignors who have un-sold items from previous sales and/or who send additional items via the spreadsheet.
  • Joanna will send your tags back to you ASAP in a PDF. Download and save the PDF to your computer. Test print the first page to make sure your barcodes are clear.
  • TIP: So that you can begin tagging items quickly, send your inventory in groups of 40 or more. (Since there will be 8 tags to a page, maximize your cardstock use by sending items in multiples of 8.) Simply “save as” your spreadsheet with a slightly different file name each time. For example, items #1-40: Parks1234a; #41-80: Parks1234b; #81-120: Parks1234c; etc. Don’t forget to mention in your email the starting item number!
  • You can print the spreadsheet(s) for your own record of your inventory.
  • PLEASE contact Joanna directly with any questions!

[box]Please be sure the item description is specific enough to help us match your tag to the item.  This is extremely helpful if your tag is misplaced from your item and for volunteers to make sure the tag and item match at check-out.[/box]

Your PDF tags will include:

  • Your consignor ID number as assigned to you. If you do not have a consignor number, register at Become A Consignor.
  • Size: Please use the numerical size for clothing and shoes (0-3 mo., 12-24 mo., 4T, etc.) Please DO NOT use S, M, L, XL sizing. The exception for this is maternity clothes. We realize that some children’s clothing only has S, M, L, XL sizing. Numerically size your clothing, to the best of your ability. If you are unsure, compare the item to a similar item in order to determine the numerical size. If there is no size, such as with a toy, leave that entry blank or enter N/A. For the Fashion Exchange, please follow the guidelines outlined in Size Charts.
  • Gender: Please indicate Girls, Boys, or Neutral for all clothing items, shoes, and accessories (belts, hats, etc.). Leave blank for all other items.
  • Brand of item. If you do not know the brand, please enter “Unknown.”
  • Description: Briefly describe your item. Include color, type of item, etc.  It is beneficial to include some unique descriptor so that we can better match the tag with the appropriate item.
  • Price: You, the consignor, are responsible for setting the price for your items. We recommend about 1/3-1/4 of the original retail price if your item is in excellent condition. Please price your items in $.50 increments, with a minimum of $2.00. If your item cannot bring $2.00 on its own, it probably isn’t the right item for the MBC sale. Remember, we only want the best of the best!
  • 1/2 Price Option: If you DO NOT want your unsold items to be sold for 1/2 price on Saturday, enter a star in the lower left corner of the tag. If you DO want your items to be sold for 1/2 price on Saturday, leave that space blank.
  • Donation: ANY item regardless of consignor # that will be donated if un-sold must be color coded Yellow.  Items you will pick up on Saturday if un-sold needs to be color-coded based on the following:
    Consignor #1 – 599 = Pink
    Consignors #600-1999 = Blue
    Consignors #2000-4999 = Orange
    Consignors #5000 & higher = Green
    Specifics on color-coded tags can be found HERE.
  • Tag with barcode

Attaching Your Tags:

  • Secure your tags to the top right corner of your clothing items using a safety pin. Make sure to puncture your tag in the top center of the tag. Tip: Place your safety pin vertically through the tag so that the pin goes through the tag only once. Please do not use small safety pins (our de-taggers thank you in advance).
  • Secure tags to toys, baby items, etc. using either clear packing tape, narrow ribbon, or loop fasteners. If using tape, only place tape across the top of the tag for easier removal at check-out. Be sure not to cover up the barcode with tape…that can make scanning the item difficult.
  • If you decide to change anything on your completed tag, a new tag will need to be printed. We will not accept any tags with scribbles, cross-outs or white-out, simply for security reasons.
  • Consignors using barcoded tags will receive their check within 3-5 days of the sale.