Email – Pre-Sale Passes, Check-In, etc.

(Please read everything, including the note about Pre-Sale passes!)
Tomorrow (Wed.) is the last day for consignor check-in between 10:20am-1:00pm.  If you registered already, please come at your assigned check-in time.  If you missed your check-in time OR didn’t sign up for a time, please come between 10:20am-1:00p.  (Keep in mind you might have a little wait if you aren’t on the schedule already.)  NOTE: There is a $20 fee for coming after 2pm.
Make sure your pants (shorts, skirts, etc) that go with a top are pinned on the back side, thru/around the top part of the hanger.  Several consignors have had to re-pin their items during check-in.  Also, do not forget to COLOR CODE your tags.
We are still short volunteers, especially on Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday.  PLEASE take a minute and look through the on-line schedule. Slots that have lower numbers (i.e. 3/7, 2/8) are a more urgent need than higher numbers (6/7, 7/8).  If your availability does not match perfectly within the scheduled slots, let me know.  We can still use you!
Don’t forget the Pre-Sale is Wednesday.  Each person needs their own pass.  No children under the age of 6 (not even in slings).  No exceptions on either rule.  You need to come to the main entrances on the south side of the building to enter (NOT the northeast doors).  Here is the schedule to enter:
5:00-8:00pm Volunteer Pass
5:30-8:00pm Charity Donation
6:00-8:00pm Consignors/Friends
**If you have extra passes, be sure to find some one that wants to come to the sale!  Posting on Facebook, for example, is also a great way to generate interest in the sale.  Let’s fill up the Pre-Sale with shoppers…buying at full price!  🙂
Finally, I am looking for a few people to earn an extra point by putting up a yard sign! If you live near a school or ball field (i.e. AYSO, SCSA, West Urban, etc) and are willing to find a “perfect location” for families to see a sign, LMK!  First come first serve with locations!
Thank you!  Joanna