COVID-19 Precautions


The following COVID-19 precautions will be put in place to keep our shoppers, consignors and workers as safe as possible. We want all our MBC families to feel comfortable, but it will require everyone’s help in following the protocols, being flexible and understanding potential delays throughout the event.

Masks: Face masks are no longer required for shoppers, consignors or workers. However, it’s recommended that those who are high risk or unvaccinated should continue wearing face coverings although not required.

Social Distancing: We will maintain a safe social distance in high traffic areas, and at our check in and check out lines.

Capacity: The Maize Rec Center is a 6,400 square foot venue, that provides ample space to spread out. High traffic areas will be rearranged to allow for easier flow. We want everyone to feel safe while they are shopping.

Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer stations will be spread throughout the rec center.

Bags: Guests are welcome to bring their own shopping bags. MBC does have bags to loan out, but there are limited quantities and aren’t guaranteed for each guest. All bags will be sanitized before it’s used by the next guest.  

Check In: The drop off area will be rearranged to help us control the high traffic times during check in days. Appointment times for drop off will be required. Specific details will be shared with consignors.  

Check Out: The check out area will be rearranged to allow for a safe distance between each cashier and between shoppers. All shoppers should be at least 6 ft apart.

Pre-Sale: Pre-sale tickets are required. Check out our pre-sale page at to get yours.  As a reminder, it is one person per ticket, and we prefer it to be adults only. Children aged six or older are allowed, but they must stay with you at all times and can’t play with the toys. No strollers or carriers allowed for the safety of those around you. Infants in carriers are allowed.

MBC reserves the right to change our practices based on the most current guidelines from Maize Rec Center, Sedgwick County Health Department, Kansas Health Department and the CDC. MBC is not liable for any risk involved in consigning, shopping or working at the MBC Sale. The above mitigations will be in place during the entire MBC Sale.