Consignor – March 2019

Who reads emails?!?

We are all busy and don’t have time to read long emails (which I love to send).  Here are lots of details for you, the consignor, for our current sale.  Please save this page and refer back to it often.  New updates will be listed between the purple boxes below with the “date of release”.  (This is NOT a public web page, so please do not share it.)

IMMEDIATELY sign up for Remind texts for current consignors by clicking on this link:   You will be notified when there are important CONSIGNOR updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions…especially using My Sale Manager (MSM).  However, keep in mind I am learning, too!  🙂


03/08/19 – Bonus point opportunity – limited spots. Click HERE for more details.

03/08/19- We are looking for teens that need community service hours.  Click HERE for more info.

02/16/19 – Supplies are ready!  Read below for details.

01/25/19 – Donations/Services registration is open!  Click HERE to sign-up.

01/11/19 – To help with traffic flow during pick-up on Saturday, please do NOT park in the back parking lot until your time slot.  You may park in the front any time, but please enter the building during your time slot.

Don’t forget to read over the “What’s New” page!!!

*MSM Inventory…if you consigned and entered items into MSM at our previous sale:
     – Log into your MSM account.
-Select “Inactive Inventory”.  You will see a list of items remaining from your inventory.  Note that all of your sold items AND items you marked to donate have been automatically deleted.  You are able to delete items and select items to activate for the up-coming sale.
– After you activate specific items, the will show up in your Active Inventory.

This page covers the following information:

* Next Steps
* Vol/Donations/Services, Check-In Registrations
* Barcode Reminders
* Hangers & Safety Pins; Cardstock
* Mulberry Money
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One of the most helpful web pages will be Steps to Consign.  This page walks you through each step and contains links.  If you have not done so, please thoroughly check out our website at for tons of helpful information to get started in the process! For both new and returning consignors, please check out the webpages “What’s New This Sale” (only MSM tags, no early pick-up, small safety pin “fee”, etc) and “Consignor Information“, which include several consignor incentives.

Don’t forget our color-coding system for tags.  PLEASE read all the details on-line under What’s New or Consign/Color Coded Tags. You have several options on how to code your tags.

TAGGED ITEMS FROM A PREVIOUS MBC SALE will only work if they were generated via MSM and activated.  Only MSM tags are accepted.

Volunteer/Donations/Services, Pick-Up, and Check-In registrations are open. For volunteer hours, if you are able to help, but not exactly within a slot, LMK!  Consignors are also getting first dibs on Donations & Services via Sign Up, link below.  Volunteer shifts are linked in MSM.

Here are the links…
Volunteer Shifts

I have bundles of children’s wire hangers, $5.00 for 50, small baggies of safety pins (assorted sizes) for $1.00 each, and colored cardstock (set of 10 sheets for $.50). I’m getting these items at wholesale prices and passing on the savings to you! Everything will be on my porch so you can pick them up at your convenience! There will be a clip-board for you to record what you take so I can take the total off your profit check. (Honor System) Directions to my house are at the end of this email. *Please do not take more than you need for the up-coming sales. There are many consignors wanting supplies.

Thank you so much for your interest in Mulberry Bush Consignment! If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to contact me…I am here to help! I look forward to working with you!

Joanna Parks

*Remember to refer your friends and family to the sale! For each new consignor you refer, you will automatically receive $5 in Mulberry Money to be used at the sale on your purchase of $5 or more!

Here are directions:
(9954 W Westlakes Ct, Wichita, 67205): From Maize Rd, turn east into the Fox Ridge edition (onto Westlakes Parkway; just north of Sam’s Club/29th St N). Take your third left; vear left when the road splits. There is a “sunken” fire hydrant in front of my house. Items will be on the porch.