Consignor Information

  • Anyone is welcome to be a consignor! If you are interested in consigning, please register as either a New or Returning Consignor and we will email your consignor ID number to you. Both new and returning consignors must register to participate in each sale!
  • A $15 consignor fee is required for your consignor registration to be complete (via PayPal on the registration page).
  • Consignors earn 65% retaining. (Tagging Service consignors earn slightly less based on their “level” of tagging.)
  • If you have any items that you are selling for $30 or more and don’t want to sell them for 50% off on Saturday, but would like to reduce the price, you have the opportunity to re-tag your items. All re-tagging must be done on Friday from 5:00-6:00pm. Please do the following when you arrive on Friday to re-tag…
    • Locate your items to re-tag and bring them to the re-tagging table (if possible!).
    • Get new blank tags from Chenay.
    • Write your new tags and attach them to your items.
    • Give your old tags to Chenay.
    • Return you re-tagged items to the appropriate area.
  • We are very strict regarding the quality of merchandise on the MBC racks and tables. If a shopper comes to the Half Price Sale, we want the same quality of merchandise to be on the racks as when the sale started. Remember, if you wouldn’t buy an item, most likely no one else will either!
  • As a consignor, you may “shop the shelves” at our Pre-Sale from 3:00-8:00pm.  You will receive your pre-sale passes at check-in. You will also earn one Half-Price Pass to shop for discounted items on Friday between 6:00-7:00pm.
  • Each consignor (unless you are donating all un-sold) must leave a storage tub that is clearly marked with your last name and consignor number (large; written on narrow side of tub) with us at check-in. We will store the tub for you during the sale. After the sale is complete and sorting of unsold items has begun, we will put any of your unsold miscellaneous items such as shoes or toys in the tub for an easier pick-up. (Please do not leave any lids.)  Please try and leave a “standard” sized tub so we can easily stack/next tubs together in the kitchen.
  • Consignor checks must be cashed within 60 days of the conclusion of the sale. After you receive your check, you have 10 days to contact us with discrepancies. Once you cash your check, you relinquish your right to dispute discrepancies.  PayPal payments available. Click here to sign up for automatic deposit through PayPal.
  • SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT MULBERRY BUSH CONSIGNMENT! Tell friends and family members about the sale. The greater the attendance, the greater your profits! (Closed-top bags will NOT be permitted, due to security issues.)
  • MULBERRY MONEY: Earn $5 “Mulberry Money” for each new consignor you refer! Mulberry Money can be used during the pre-sale or sale toward your purchase of $5 or more! New consignors must mention your name when they register with MBC as a consignor and they must consign at least 20 items. You will receive your Mulberry Money at check-in. Just think…if you refer 5 friends or family members, that’s $25 worth of merchandise at the sale!
  • If your referrals don’t show up for consignor check-in, meaning they decided not to consign, we will try to notify you before the pre-sale. We don’t want you to mistakenly spend Mulberry Money and then have that amount deducted from your final check. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Consignor Incentives

To make consigning more profitable for you, we are offering several incentives for consignors!

  • First time consignors earn $5.00 Mulberry Money.
  • Check out even more ways to earn passes to the Worker Pre-Sale at Worker Incentives!