Consignors Only 2022

Thank you for choosing Mulberry Bush Consignment Sale for all your kids buying and selling needs! Here are lots of details for you, the consignor, for our current sale.  Please save this page and refer back to it often. As always, if there’s anything I can do to help, please email me at

Database Closes On Tuesday, November 15 at 12 pm

The database will close for item entry on Tuesday, November 15, at 12 pm. This is almost a day and a half longer than in the past. Please make sure all inventory is entered by that time. You can still print tags after that time, but you can’t make any edits to the inventory. 

First Things To Do:

Please join our MBC Consignor Facebook community at This is a great resource for new and “veteran” consignors. There are UNITS that help walk you through each step of consigning. I’ll post some updates there, too.

Please sign up for Remind texts for current consignors by following this link: You will be notified when there are important CONSIGNOR updates.

For automatic deposits– Please fill out the information on the link below so we can automatically deposit your net profits from the Mulberry Bush Consignment Sale into your Paypal Account. All information will be encrypted and protected. All consignment deposits should be complete no later than five days at the conclusion of the MBC Sale. Otherwise, without a Paypal automatic deposit, checks will be written and mailed to consignors. Sign up here

MSM Inventory Quick Links

Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details:

If you consigned and entered items into MSM at our previous sale: Log into your MSM account, Select “Inactive Inventory”, You will see a list of items remaining from your inventory, You are able to delete items and select items to activate for the up-coming sale. After you activate specific items, the will show up in your Active Inventory.

I have set MSM to automatically mark inventory as “discount/reduce” if you select an item to donate. Every sale we have multiple consignors who are donating items forget to allow these items to sell for half price. This decision/action will be done for you.

Did you know that MSM has a voice to text entry feature? If you are on your phone, log into your MSM account, go to Add Items, and on the drop down, select Mobile Voice Entry, then begin the voice to text feature. For detailed instructions, click here.

One of the most helpful web pages will be Steps to Consign.  This page walks you through each step and contains links.  If you have not done so, please thoroughly check out our website at for tons of helpful information to get started in the process!

For both new and returning consignors, please check out Consignor Information, which include several consignor incentives.

Don’t forget our color-coding system for tags! PLEASE read Color-Coded Tags. You have several options on how to code your tags.

TAGGED ITEMS FROM A PREVIOUS MBC SALE will only work if they were generated via MSM and activated.  Only MSM tags are accepted.

Need help with tagging? We are here to help!

[box] Pre-Sale Passes:

1 pm VIP Consignors (Everyone pays $15 at the door)

3 pm MBC Consignors only! This is our thank you for choosing to consign with MBC. There is no cost! You do not need to pre-register. At item check in, you will receive two (2) tickets for the MBC Consignor Pre-Sale. If you can’t come, please give them to friends, family, anyone who can come and shop! We want as many customers as possible. You make a difference!

4 pm (Grandparents, 1st time parents, Expecting Parents); 5 pm (Teachers & Heroes); 6 pm ($5 Charity Donation) Encourage everyone you know to come to the Pre-Sale at one of the times!!!

Links for all passes can be found HERE. [/box]

We Need Your Help!

We are hiring workers to help with the upcoming MBC Sale! We are looking for people to work the week of the sale to help with set up, during the sale and/or clean up. Duties will vary but will include standing on your feet for long periods of time. Most time will be spent organizing, rehanging and assisting customers and consignors. This is a great way to add more $$$ to your payout plus get first dibs on inventory! If you are coming to shop, working the sale gives you the greatest selection.

Work Shifts, Pick-Up, and Check-In registration: For work hours, if you are able to help, but not exactly within a slot, LMK!  Work shifts are linked in MSM.

Here are the links…
Work Shifts

Thank you so much for choosing Mulberry Bush Consignment! If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to contact me…I am here to help! I look forward to working with you!

Reba Lee

*Remember to refer your friends and family to the sale! For each new consignor you refer, you will automatically receive $5 in Mulberry Money to be used at the sale on your purchase of $5 or more!