Becoming A Consignor

Kids don’t out wear it…they out grow it!
Purging has never been so profitable or fun! Most families earn $350!
Turn your clutter into cash!

Step 1: Start by getting your consignor number

Complete our simple online registration and get your number today! Registration typically opens 60-90 days prior to the sale. To stay up to date, follow us on the MBC Facebook page. Everyone must pre-register to obtain a consignor number. ALL RETURNING CONSIGNORS – need to sign-up for the current event by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your consignor number is considered a lifetime number. Please continue to use the same number for each event you participate.

Step 2: Begin by hanging, TAGGING and pricing your items

Please refer to our READY… SET… TAG section for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Bring your items to DROP-OFF

Schedule a drop-off appointment through your consignor account by clicking here. You may refer to the drop off days and times at the event schedule. To learn more about the drop-off process, click here.

Step 4: Shop the Consignors Only PRE-SALE!


As a consignor you earn the privilege to shop before the public!

The Consignors Only Pre-Sale is on Wednesday at 3 pm. No children under 6 are permitted during the private sale. You will receive a pass to the private sale during drop-off. To learn more about the Pre-Sale, click here.

Step 5: PICK UP or donate your unsold items

It is your choice to pick-up or donate your unsold items. Please follow tagging instructions carefully. All tags marked DONATE will be automatically donated. To learn more about Pick Up, click here

All others will be sorted and ready for pick-up by 7 pm Saturday night. Schedule your pick up time in your consignor account by clicking here.

All items left after 7:00pm will be donated charity.

Step 6: Get paid fast

Fast PayPal deposits or check payments happen within 10 business days (usually 4-5). You’ll receive your payment from the sale of your items, minus commission and related fees. To learn about payments, click here.