Community Service for Teens

I have had several high school students ask about community service hours.  Although MBC is technically NOT a non-profit, I strongly believe our sale does more to serve the community than make a profit. Plus, since I won’t pay high school volunteers, it is a community service opportunity for them!  🙂

If you have a responsible teen looking for some community service opportunities, please look over this sign-up:  In particular, I am looking for helpers Monday and Tuesday evening.  We are going to work extra hard on organizing the clothing racks by type within each size. The volunteers can also help consignors un-load their vehicles for check-in.

It is your responsibility to make sure working at the sale will count toward whatever hours they need. (I have spoken with a few Gifted/NHS facilitators who said they prefer non-profits, but as long as the student isn’t getting paid, it will count.)  I can also sign paperwork for proof of completion.

Please LMK if you have any questions. The link is listed below. Thanks!  Jo