Common Mistakes

Here is a list of typical mistakes consignors make preparing items for the sale.  MBC staff lovingly calls this the “No-No List”.  Read it over and avoid getting on the naughty list.

Hand write tags Enter all items into MSM and print tags with barcodes
Use regular copy paper for tags Use cardstock so tags don’t rip or come off your items
Forget to color code tags or color code the back of the tag only The front of each tag should clearly indicate your consignor color OR yellow if the item will be donated if it doesn’t sell. This is a crucial step when we are at the end of the sale to ensure we handle your unsold items accordingly (either return to you or donated them)
Tape all around the edges of a tag Tape once over the tag to prevent tearing or the barcode 
Use scotch tape Use packing tape to tape bags or attached tags to equipment/toys. This does a better job of making sure your item isn’t separated from the tag.
Place tag inside baggies Tape over tag once using packing tape to the outside of baggies
Tape tag on painted surfaces (i.e. wooden furniture), stickers/removable parts of item, surface area that could easily rip when removing tag/tape Carefully select a location for your tag that will not damage the item when the tag is removed at check-out.  When in doubt, ask a volunteer at drop-off.
Write changes on a tag (i.e. price change, discount/no discount, etc.) Make a new tag via MSM if you need to change anything.
Use tiny/small safety pins to attach tags Use medium or large safety pins (look on-line for examples)
Use multiple safety pins, attach safety pins horizontally through a tag, NOR use a hole punch Use one safety pin, poke thru the top center of the tag once vertically and attach through item
Use rubber bands to group sets of books or other items together Use ribbon, baggies, etc. to group items securely together
Use generic descriptions on tags like “Toys” or “Books” Be specific as possible with item description in case tags get separated from item
(For clothing/hanging items) Place tag or safety pin inside clothing, on seam (i.e. armpit), or any location OTHER THAN top right of item. Safety pin tag uses guidelines above on the top right side of item, so it is easy for shoppers to find as they “flip” through clothing on the racks.

[box]Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details: