Color Coded Tags

One of the most stressful parts of the sale is sorting un-sold items by consignor number after we close on Saturday.  Instead of switching to a “find your own” system, consignor tags will be color coded based on the following:

(scroll down for examples)
ANY item regardless of consignor # that will be donated if un-sold = Light Yellow
Consignor #1 – 599 = Light Pink
Consignors #600-1999 = Light Blue
Consignors #2000-4999 = Light Orange
Consignors #5000 & higher = Light Green

Why these colors?  They are the most popular highlighter colors.  One easy way to color-code your tags would be to put a quick slash on the right side of the tag (near the edge of the tag reaching between the size/gender in the top right down to the item price in the bottom right).

[box] Please use PASTEL or LIGHT colored cardstock to print your tags. Otherwise, our tag scanners have a hard time reading the bar code and it’s hard to read. [/box]   <<NOTE:  If using colored cardstock, please use the pastel version of your color.  Darker paper colors make it difficult for shoppers to read AND for our scanners to read the barcodes.>>  MSM has the ability to print your Donate items in one batch and your No Donate items in another, allowing you to use yellow and your consignor color.

We appreciate consignors’ understanding that this minor inconvenience helps our staff and volunteers a LOT.  With everyone’s cooperation, pick-up on Saturday evening will continue to be quick and easy for consignors.  We will avoid asking consignors to take additional time to find their own items and check out with sale staff (each item will need to be reviewed to make sure it is going home with the correct consignor).

Other options:  crayons, markers, stickers, etc.  Get the kids involved!  (Just be sure the colors stay on the tags and not on the sale item!!)

Examples:  Each picture below shows different ways to create a tag for an item.  


[box] Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details: