Check-In / Item Drop Off

[box] Click HERE to schedule your Check-In & Item Drop Off time for the upcoming MBC Sale  [/box]

How Check In/ Item Drop Off Works (specific details listed below):

Step 1: Schedule your drop-off appointment from your online consignor account

Step 2: Plan on 30-60 minutes, however our effort is to make it less than 30 minutes

Step 3: Organize, clean and test items before you arrive. Use our consignor checklist to double check.

Step 4: Check in at the front desk to complete your drop off checklist and pick up Pre-Sale and Half Priced Passes, and Mulberry Money for our verified new consignors

Step 5: Bring in your items to your designated drop off station to be inspected by an intake coordinator

Step 6: Bring a tub (no lid) with your consignor number on it to leave with us until pick up. Once your items have been inspected, you are done!

The MBC Sale is ORGANIZED!  Follow these tips to help your items SELL.

[box]  Click HERE to schedule your Check-In & Item Drop Off time for the upcoming MBC Sale [/box]


Step 1: Click HERE to schedule your Check-In & Item Drop Off time for the upcoming MBC Sale. 

  • If you need to come more than once, schedule your appointment for when you plan on bringing the majority of your items.
  • Doors close promptly at the indicated times.
  • If your schedule changes, simply change your check in time on the consignor check in page.
  • You can come during any drop off hours per the schedule, and we will fit you in as best we can, but those at their designated time will always receive priority.
  • If you have an emergency, text Reba @ 316-323-7860 to make arrangements for an alternative check in time. 

Step 2: Plan on 30-60 minutes

  • How long it takes depends on how organized you are, when you come and how many items you have. Morning and evening hours are busiest. 
  • Check in at the front desk to complete your drop off checklist and pick up Pre-Sale Passes and Mulberry Money for our verified new consignors.
  • Items are inspected and tags are confirmed to be color coded. To learn more about this, refer to the  Preparing (and Pricing) Your Items and Tagging Your Items and the detail below in Step 5. 
  • Kids are welcome but please keep a watchful eye on them as we do not want them playing with the merchandise. Again we are all parents and understand.

Step 3: Organize, clean and test items before you arrive; organize all clothing by size and gender

  • Organize all your clothes by gender then size. This is a critical step to how long the check in process takes. Unorganized items take longer because items are in order before they are sent to the sales floor. Do not mix size/gender.
  • Use our consignor checklist to double check!
  • Some find it easier to rubber band the hangers by gender then size. Whatever comfortably fits within a rubber band is fine. It is ok to have multiple bundles of the same gender/size.
  • CLEAN and TEST your items – dirty items. items with missing pieces or items that need batteries will be sent home with you and not allowed on the sales floor.


Step 4: Check in at the front desk and fill out drop off checklist, make your way through the “Stations”

  • Consignors will come to the Maize Rec Building (City of Maize) and drive to the northeast parking lotBefore you bring anything in, please check-in with Reba at the front desk.  Simply enter the double-doors (without windows) and proceed to check-in. 
  • On the drop off checklist, you will fill out a yellow consignor card completely (provided at the sale).  Below is a sample card.  Be prepared to answer the questions:

*Your name, email, contact phone and consignor number

*How you will pick up your unsold items on Saturday: you or your spouse, someone you know, or you’ll donate your unsold items

*You mark whether or not you want your items on the $1 Dollar Rack (see below for details on the $1 Dollar Rack)

Note: If someone is checking-in for you, make sure they have all the information.

  •  Fill out a Car Seat Safety Checklist (if you are selling a car seat or booster seat) and/or the Bumbo warning labelKEEN_Bumbo Instruction Guide. Your Bumbo must have the safety belt to be put in the sale.
  •  Sign up to work a shift at the sale! Working is fun and a great way to add extra $$$ to your consignor check. Save yourself a step, and sign up to work in advance through your consignor login by clicking on your consignor profile here. Pick up your Consignor Pre-Sale and Half Price Passes, and if applicable, Mulberry Money for our verified new consignors

[box] Exclusive only to MBC Consignors! All registered consignors receive two early shopping Pre-Sale Passes for Tuesday at 3 pm, and one early Half-Price Sale Day for Friday at 6 pm. Passes picked up at check in/drop off. Remember it pays to consign with MBC! [/box]

Step 5: Bring in your items, and assist the intake coordinator processing your items

  • Once you’re through the check in stations, you’ll be assigned an intake coordinator and table. You’ll bring your items in and unload at your table.
  • You want to plan on bringing in your items yourself, so bring a cart, dolly or extra hands if needed.
  • This is the step where the intake coordinator will inspect your items. Specifically, they will:
    • Ensure that hangers are in the right direction (remember hangers should look like a question mark), items are properly pinned, tags on right side of item, tags are color-coded (refer to  Preparing (and Pricing) Your Items and Tagging Your Items for details)
    • Clothing quality- look for any items with stains, rips, holes, extreme wearing, outdated fashions
    • Test toys and equipment to insure functionality, cleanliness, missing pieces, test batteries, etc.
    • No “vintage” baby clothes or bedding, including but not limited to items older than 5 years.
  • For large items and equipment, please unload at the special doors. 
    • Items that require set-up/assembly will be done at check-in by the consignor, ie pack n plays, cribs, toys.
    • Items that have hardware should be tight enough that they are safe, but loose enough for us to take them apart for the buyer.
  • Remember, if you wouldn’t buy an item for your own child, most likely no one else will buy it either! Be critical of what you bring to ensure an easy, breezy check in process!  
  • Consignors will be asked to make corrections if there are any issues.

[box]Mulberry Bush Consignment reserves the right to remove any item from the sale, even after check-in, if we discover a stain, tear, or non-working order. Thanks for your understanding! [/box]

Step 6: Ready to go, leave us a tub and you’re all done!

  • Consignors can help speed up the process by placing checked clothing on our “Ready to Go” racks.  There will be one for each gender and have sections based on sizes. 
  • Bring a tub with your consignor number on it to leave with us until pick up. We request a “standard size” tub with your consignor number on the side. Please leave the lid at home and take home any additional tubs if you used more than one for drop off.
    • If you are “Donate All” (meaning you are donating all your unsold items), you DO NOT need to be bring a tub.
  • Please do not leave until a volunteer indicates your check-in process is complete.
  • Once items are inspected and counted, workers will begin putting out your items, and you are free to go! Easy breezy!

Ready to check-in? Follow our Consignor Checklist to make sure! 

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Tip: Pay attention to the upcoming season. Not many customers look for out of season items. Keep those items for the next sale if you are close to your limit. Save yourself time and tag in season or year round clothing to maximize selling the most for each sale. The more you sell, the better your profits, and the less you have to pick up or donate at the end of the sale. Can’t figure out what is in or out of season? Look at what the department stores have on display or what your kids are current wearing.

$1 Dollar Rack

Miss a stain or other imperfection when prepping only to be discovered at check in? The $1 Dollar Rack may be an option for you! The $1 Dollar Rack is a great way to sell it all and still make some money on those “no thank you” items.

At check in, consignors will indicate whether or not they would like their clothing item to go on the $1 Dollar Rack if MBC finds an imperfection before the sale starts.  The $1 Dollar Rack is offered to shoppers throughout the sale with all items marked only $1. These items have imperfections and do not meet the MBC quality standards. At check in, your intake coordinator will occasionally find items that are “no thank you” items (items that don’t meet the MBC standards). As the consignor, you have the choice of whether it goes home with you or goes on the $1 Dollar Rack. The $1 Dollar Rack is a great way to “sell it all” and still make some money back on the item. Note: Items should not be brought specifically for the $1 Dollar Rack. The $1 Dollar Rack is a courtesy option for items with minor imperfections. Excessive amounts of items not meeting MBC standards will be placed back in the consignor’s tub. 

Selling from the Last Sale?

Just register, transfer and add more items if you have more to sell! If you’ve printed and tagged from the last sale, just enable the inventory, and you’re all set!

Unsold Items

We focus on sales. But, ultimately shoppers decide. If it didn’t sell, it’s usually because of price or condition. Do you really want it back?  (Isn’t a cleaned out house nice?) Just leave it, and we will donate it on your behalf.

If you do want it back, or saving it for the next sale, (be sure to adjust price or condition first), click HERE for tips for an easy pick up! 

[box]Please visit the following pages for prepping, pricing and tagging details: