Check-In Registration

Please register for a check-in time for the Children’s Sale at the bottom of this page.

“Donate All Un-sold” consignors may check in on Sunday (times TBD).  Also, no consignor check-in on Wednesday.  Items must be entered into MSM by 7:00am the Monday of sale week. You may print your tags after this time, but you can not add items.

Ready to check-in? Follow our Consignor Checklist to make sure!  Please also double-check your item limits:

300 total items:

-Up to 10 pairs of shoes per gender
-Up to 125 hanging clothing items
-Within your 125 hanging clothing items, up to 50 items per gender (sizes preemie-24m/2T)

Consignors will come to the Maize Rec Building (City of Maize) and drive to the northeast parking lotBefore you bring anything in, please check-in with Chenay at the computer.  Simply enter the double-doors (without windows) and proceed to check-in. Look for the balloon at Step 1.

Check-In Steps-
* Fill out a yellow consignor card completely (provided at the sale).  Below is a sample card.  Be prepared to answer the questions.  (If someone is checking-in for you, make sure they have all the information.)
* Fill out a white $20 or more card (if applicable; you can bring one with you using $20 item list).  Chenay will staple it to the back of your yellow consignor card.
* Fill out a green Worker card when you arrive to work for the first time.
* Fill out a Car Seat Safety Checklist (if you are selling a car seat or booster seat) and/or attach Bumbo warning label &KEEN_Bumbo_InstructionGuide (if your Bumbo does not have the safety belt).
* Look to see if you can help with any of the Worker slots.  (I’m not afraid to beg!!!)
* Give your yellow consignor card and white $20 or more card to Chenay at the computer.  You will receive your Pre-Sale and Half-Price passes.  Please feel free to ask questions!
*After you are done, you will bring your items into the check-in area and give your yellow consignor card to a volunteer who will help you the rest of the way.

At check-in we would really appreciate your patience as we look through ALL of your non-clothing items.  As we look through you clothing, consignors can help speed the process by placing checked clothing on our “Ready to Go” racks.  There will be one for each gender and have sections based on sizes.  Please do not leave until a volunteer indicates your check-in process is complete.

One way to speed up check-in is to be very critical of the items you bring. Remember, if you wouldn’t buy an item for your own child, most likely no one else will buy it either! Items that require set-up/assembly will be done at check-in by the consignor. Items that have hardware should be tight enough that they are safe, but loose enough for us to take them apart for the buyer.

After inspection of non-clothing items, volunteers will put your items in the correct areas.  Volunteers will do a quick check of clothing items to make sure they are prepared correctly (hanger open on left side, items properly pinned, tags on right side of item, tags are color-coded, etc.). Consignors will be asked to make corrections.  Make sure to set up any items that require assembly before you leave. Please do not leave until a volunteer indicates your check-in process is complete.

*Consignors will indicate whether or not they would like their clothing items to go on the Dollar Rack if MBC finds an imperfection before the sale starts. (Imperfect items found after the sale starts will be returned to the consignor.)  These items will be specially marked and remain $1 throughout the sale. The Dollar Rack will be displayed when floor/rack space becomes available. (First priority is given to items meeting MBC standards.) Un-sold items will be returned to the consignor.
*** NOTE– Please do not intentionally bring items for the Dollar Rack. MBC would like to maintain our standards for quality items. The Dollar Rack is a courtesy option for items with minor imperfections. Excessive amounts of items not meeting MBC standards will be placed in the consignor’s tub.

Consignors will also list all items priced $20 or higher. To save time, feel free to bring your list (handwritten or printed using the form on the Documents page) to leave with MBC. MBC staff will verify the list and keep with your Consignor Check-In card.

We will inspect your clothing items as we have time. Bring a “standard” sized tub clearly labeled with your consignor ID# (large; on narrow end of tub) for items not accepted. (The tub will also help us sorting un-sold items after the sale has ended.) NO lids. Please bring your clothing items sorted by gender AND THEN size. Please do not be offended if we don’t accept some of your items. Most likely we will not accept at least a few of your items. We understand that it is easy to miss a stain during preparation and tagging. We want Mulberry Bush Consignment to feature only the highest quality items.

If at all possible, please do not bring children to check-in. We understand this is not always an option, so if need be, please bring another adult with you to check-in to monitor the children while you check in with us. All of the toys and books can be very tempting for little ones!

Large Item Drop-Off Option –  (Sunday, 3-4pm) If you have a large item that would be easier to drop off with extra help (i.e. your husband), you can bring large items only on the Sunday before the sale. Please indicate you would like to take advantage of this option when you officially register for a check-in time slot. (Examples of large items include cribs or other bedroom furniture, climbing equipment, strollers, highchairs, swings, etc.)  If this is not convenient for you, feel free to bring your large items with you during your normally scheduled check-in slot.

Mulberry Bush Consignment reserves the right to remove any item from the sale, even after check-in, if we discover a stain, tear, or non-working order.

Click HERE for Check-In Registration for the CHILDREN’S SALE