Bonus Point Opportunity

I am trying something new this sale as my budget seems to get tighter and tighter.  My goal is to ALWAYS allow consignors to earn a higher retaining %. So, I am looking for consignors to earn a bonus point (I will honor even if you have maxed out at 12 pts) by signing up for a free, no-obligation account with Square.  (We process credit cards through Square.  Although shoppers tend to spend more when they can use a credit card, the sale ends up “eating” processing fees.)

This will only work if you are new to Square (have never set up an account) AND follow the instructions exactly listed below.  TIA for helping with this win-win opportunity!  Jo

  1. Sign up for the service spot “sign up for a free Square account” on our donation/services site.  I have limited the number of consignors that can sign up!
  2. Using this link, register for a new Square account.  Activate the account.
  3. Email your confirmation email to
  4. Record “Square account” on your green donation/services card at consignor check-in.