I am officially hooked on BondiBands!  They help keep my hair out of my face…whether working out, hangin’ with the kids, or on those “don’t want to do my hair” days.  BondiBands come in a million different styles.  Visit to see their products (click on “Headbands”).  Then, contact me for availability and pricing.

I have a lot of fashion (lycra) and wicking fabric headbands in stock.  However, I can make special orders, too!  Although individual requests might take a few weeks, larger group orders (i.e. for a sports team or special events) can take less than a week!

If you would like to order specific headbands, please contact Joanna (

$8 each
2 for $15
3 for $21
4 for $26
5+  $6 each

Custom Assortment Bondi

Specialty (KU, K-State, WSU, Huskers): Included in Pricing Listed Above!
 (Retail: $10 ea.; More designs available.)