Tagging Your Items

NEW!!!!! –  Please color code your tags based on the following.  Details, including easy ways to color code your tags, can be found HERE.

Although we accept handwritten tags, MBC’s goal is to have all tags with barcodes. There are four ways to get barcoded tags: TagIt, TagItLite (free version), excel spreadsheet, or our Tagging Service.

The importance of barcodes:

  • Consignors will save A LOT of time tagging their items.
  • Consignors will have inventory sheets to keep track of their items.
  • Consignors can easily track their items after the sale.
  • Shoppers can easily read tags.
  • The barcodes greatly speed up our check-out lines.
  • The barcodes eliminate keying errors at the registers.
  • Barcodes eliminate the need for us to sort and add up all of the tags manually, resulting in consignors getting their checks sooner.
  • Our sale will look better!! Nicely printed tags are much more attractive to shoppers!
Please visit the following pages for tagging details:

*Note:  You can start at any time tagging your items with the full version of TagIt or using the Excel Spreadsheet…if you have a MBC consignor number!

Pricing Your Items:
You, the consignor, are responsible for setting the price for your items. We recommend about 1/3-1/4 of the original retail price if your item is in excellent condition. Please price your items in $.50 increments, with a minimum of $2.00. If your item cannot bring $2.00 on its own, it probably isn’t the right item for the MBC sale. Remember, we only want the best of the best! Not sure how to price your items? Use the following tips.

  • Remember you are “in competition” with all the other consignors to sell items. Keep your prices “competitive”.
  • What would YOU pay for that item?
  • What brand is your item? Name brands normally sell for a higher price than store brands. Boutique items sell for a higher price than name brands.
  • Is the item NWT (New With Tags)?
  • What is included with the item?
  • What are similar items going for on ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc?
  • Remember that this sale can be a blessing for many families in the community who are living on a tight budget.
Check out this great resource for pricing clothing items: Clothing Guide.

Are you planning to consign in multiple sales?
TagIt makes it easy to use two sale profiles at the same time.TagItLite can also be used. Enter all your items and print your tags for the first sale. As a precaution you might want to create a backup file using the File menu. Then when you import the sale profile for the second sale all your items for the first sale are erased and you can enter the items for the second sale.

Please contact info@tagityourself.com or joanna@mbcsale.com for assistance.