Tagging Service

Too busy to prepare and tag your items?
Let MBC help!
Bring us your consignment items and we will do the rest!

To sign up, please be sure to register as a consignor first. Then, fill out the form below. MBC staff will contact you ASAP.  (Tagging Service is provided for a limited amount of consignors. Deadline is November 1.  First come, first serve.)

No Consignor Fee if you use the Tagging Service!  Although you will need to secure your spot by paying the consignor fee via PayPal, your Consignor Fee will be refunded to you via your profit check!


  • All MBC guidelines and standards will be followed.
  • Items will be marked “to go” half price if not sold by Saturday, unless they are priced $30 or more.
  • Clothing must be freshly laundered and neatly folded.
  • Outfits should be pinned together.
  • MBC will use their best judgment for pricing. If you would like specific pricing on any item, please make a detailed note.
  • You are responsible for picking up your Pre-Sale and Half Price passes during normal check-in days/times.
  • You must pick up any un-sold items on Saturday.  Anything not picked up by 9pm on the pick-up day will be donated to charity.


  • Consignors receive 40-60%, but can earn up to an additional 10% by following the Volunteer Incentives.
  • A small fee to cover supplies (safety pins, baggies, cardstock, printer ink, etc.) and hangers will also be deducted from your final check based on the total number of items.
  • Optional: If you would like your items delivered to the sale for check-in, there will be an additional $10 fee (minimum).  The final fee will be determined by the tagger and consignor depending on the number and type of items.


Level 1-
All items are sorted AND prepared (washed, hung, bagged, pinned, etc.).  Bagged = appropriate clothing items in zip-lock bags, not taped shut (so they can be inspected).  Non-clothing items in zip-lock bags AND sealed with packing tape.  Consignor only needs items to be priced/tagged.
* 60% retaining for Consignor
* $5 supply fee per 100 items

Level 2 –
All items washed, sorted, and non-clothing items bagged AND sealed with packing tape.
* 50% retaining for Consignor
* $5 supply fee per 100 items
* $5 hanger fee per 50 items

Level 3 –
“Dump & Run” – Taggers do all the work!  (Items must be clean!  Please note we will do our best to sort your items.  If you have matching sets or items that go together, please discuss with your Tagger.)
* 40% retaining for Consignor
* $10 supply fee per 100 items
* $5 hanger fee per 50 items


Consignor Fee

*Retaining %

Supply Fee

Hanger Fee

Delivery Fee

Level 1



$5/100 items



Level 2



$5/100 items

$5/50 hangers


Level 3



$10/100 items

$5/50 hangers


* Consignors can earn an additional 10% retaining!

Please fill out one form per sale you’d like to register for Tagging Service. Click here to fill out the Tagging Serving form.